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October 17 - November 14

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Communication From the Heart is my way of sharing with you some skills that have changed my life.  Like you, I was raised in a world where, when things did not go as I wanted,  I would blame, analyze, diagnose, label, or categorize the problem or state what was wrong with the situation or others.  The strange thing is that that never got me what I wanted.  It never made my life more wonderful, and I continued to be stuck with what I didn’t want, and my attention continued to be focused on what I didn’t want. The skills or process that I would like to share with you will most definitely support you to get what you want in life.  The result is more joy and satisfaction in life!   I would enjoy hearing from you and invite you to visit my blog page for examples of situation where compassionate communication has made an impact.  Where it has brought people closer together, improved understanding, supported building community, brought more effectiveness in the workplace and brought more love and connection in the lives of those involved.  I would enjoy hearing from you by email with questions or scenarios with which you would like some help.  It would bring me joy to support you in your life’s journey.


Wishing you joy and happiness from my heart,